HC RöderBassplayer/Producer/Songwriter/Mixengineer etc.

Services & Credits:

I´ve worked as a Bassplayer, Producer, Songwriter, Mixengineer etc for about 25 years. I offer a wide pallette of musical services, such as: Full Productions, mixing of your finished recordings, mastering, bass tracks for your songs, backing vocals, soundtracks and much more. More info can be found in the next section. Please don`t hesitate to contact me, if you can`t find the service you are looking for.

Short list of Projects i`ve worked on (Full list will be up soon):

- Pretty Maids "Wake Up To The Real World" (Keys) - Johnny Logan "We All Need Love" (Keys) - Johnny Logan & Friends "The Irish Connection" (Keys, Bass, Production & Mix) - Lars Lilholt Band "Jokerne" (Bass, Keys, Production & Mix) - Eskild Dohn "Sange For Voksne" (Bass, Production & Mix) - The Human Edition "T.H.E" (Bass) - RöDER "When Will You Be Mine - Single" (Bass, Vocal, Writing, Production, Mix & Mastering) - Beside The Fact "It`s Over" (Bass, Add. Guitars, Writing, Production, Mix & Mastering) etc.


Bass Recording on your track:

Send me your song as stems. Let`s talk directions, agree on a price, and i`ll record a basstrack for you. (number of revisions is negotiable, and will depend on the agreed price)

Full Production

You`ve got a song/demo, that you want produced/recorded from scratch. Contact me, and let`s have a dialog about your needs. 

Mix and/or Mastering

Theme Music for tv, commercials, Jingles etc.